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Bruce Hurta is an SBA real estate loan expert, lender, and public speaker committed to helping small business owners achieve affordable financing to build and grow their business. As Vice President – Business Lending at Members Choice Credit Union, Bruce helps Houston business owners finance owner-user commercial real estate with the SBA government-guaranteed loan program. He also works with business owners looking to buy, build or grow a business. Using the flexible terms of the SBA 7(a) loan program, Bruce can help business owners purchase an established business or franchise, finance start-up costs or fund expansion of an existing business. With 20 years of SBA loan experience, Bruce is the trusted expert in Houston small business loans and SBA financing. He was the 2013 president of the Houston Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (HAGGL), the official trade organization for over 100 SBA lenders in the Houston 32-county SBA district. In 2014, he received the Houston District SBA’s award for Financial Services Champion of the Year.

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How an SBA Loan Works


The SBA government-guaranteed loan program provides lower down payments, longer repayment terms, and easier qualifying criteria than conventional bank loans. The SBA 7(a) loan program is a great choice for small business owners, because the loan is backed by the federal government, providing much better terms and security than you would find with a typical loan. Loan amounts are available up to $5 million per borrower, with repayment up to 25-years giving small business owners the flexibility that they need to grow their company.

  • Long Term Loan
  • Partially Backed by the Government
  • Loan Amounts up to 5 million dollars
  • Reasonable market interest rates
  • Flexible funding for all business needs

Members Choice Credit Union is proud to be an SBA Preferred Lender and should be your number one choice to learn more about, and apply for, SBA loans. We are prepared to give you great terms and help you grow your small business facilities to the level that you need and deserve. Contact us today to find out exactly how MCCU can make your small business dreams come true.

The Advantages of an SBA Loan


There are many reasons why a small business owner might choose SBA financing over traditional bank loans, but the primary reasons for choosing SBA loans for real estate has to do with flexibility as well as return on investment. Unlike conventional bank financing, SBA loans do not require large down payments, which makes it much easier to preserve cash for business growth. Also with conventional small business loans, banks will often require large amounts of collateral before they approve financing; SBA loans, on the other hand, do not require high levels of collateral, significantly increasing the prospect of loan approval for the small business. Additionally, SBA real estate loans are paid off over a twenty-five-year period, with working capital and equipment financing generally repaid in up to ten years. Conventional bank small business loans typically have much shorter repayment terms, often requiring review of loan covenants and renewal of loan terms on an annual basis. This practice leads to loan renewal risk for the small business owner who cannot predict the state of the economy, the cycle of his business, or who manages and owns the bank at each annual, semi annual, or other periodic loan renewal time resulting from a balloon balance loan maturity.

  • Do not require large down payments
  • Do not require high level of collateral
  • Easier for a small business to qualify
  • No renewal risk resulting from periodic renewal requirements with balloon balance maturity of loan

These are just a few of the fantastic benefits of choosing SBA loans over bank financing, and you can learn more about the advantages of SBA financing by watching this video from Members Choice Credit Union.

What You Can Expect?


When you come in to apply for an SBA loan, you can expect to provide the following:

  • Complete a loan application
  • Provide financial statements
  • Description of your Business
  • How you will utilize the loan
  • Your Borrowing History

One of the main components of getting an SBA loan is finding the right lender. Members Choice Credit Union is a trusted lending institution that is your best bet in getting the SBA loan you need for your small business. We offer basic 7(a) SBA loans, which are perfect for both starting and growing a small business. Because we are a smaller institution ourselves, you can trust that we have your best interests at heart, the way lending should work.


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