SBA Lender can Order Appraisal before Your Purchase is Negotiated

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By Bruce Hurta Whether you are purchasing a small business, or you are purchasing a building for your small business, SBA government-guaranteed financing can provide a lower down payment, longer repayment terms, and easier qualifying criteria than a conventional bank loan.  In fact, an SBA lender’s “claim to fame” is

How to Finance Your New Car Wash Facility

financing a car wash facility

When you are planning on starting a small business or expanding an existing business, there is one concern that outpaces all others: Financing. Without the right financing, at the right terms, it is almost impossible to get the quality of real estate you need to establish or grow your business.

SBA Guidelines-Requirements for Self-Storage Property Loans

SBA loans for self-storage properties

It is now easier than ever before to get an SBA loan for self-storage properties. In the past, rules set by the U.S. Small Business Administration limited the amount of SBA funding available for self-storage small businesses, making it difficult to get the financing that owners needed. Recently, however, the

Tips for Starting an RV Park

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With summer just around the corner, thousands of RV owners will be hitting the road, which means they’ll be looking for places to park their RVs and to take a rest when the day comes to an end. This makes diving into creating RV parks one of the most rewarding small